Why Choose Us?

At Get Knobs, we provide exclusive service to each client. We have a large team of designers, craftsmen, and managers. Each client is given one team to focus only on one project at a time.

You can work with our team and guide them regarding the designs and patterns you need. We always keep in touch with our clients and keep them informed.

Our quality team ensures that custom made furniture is of the highest quality standards. You will not find a single defect in our furniture.

Along with that, we complete all our projects on time. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get the furniture piece.

After the completion of the project, we deliver the furniture at your doorstep and provide any other services if needed.

Our custom-made furniture lasts for a longer time than other ready-made furniture. Each furniture has a personal touch.

Advantages of Get Knobs’s Customized Furniture:

Here is a list of all the benefits of Get Knobs Customized furniture.

  • Unique Style: 

Custom made furniture is specially made. They are not like any other piece of furniture, as the design and pattern are unique. You will get a unique style of furniture with Get Knobs.

  • Practical Use:

Most of the ready-made furniture lacks practicality. On the other hand, custom-made furniture is more practical. You can add a new section or easily fit the furniture into space in your house. Customized furniture is built specifically for the house.

  • Quality:

As the customers can work directly with the craftsmen and designers, they can check the quality. Unlike ready-made furniture, custom made furniture is made from the most exceptional quality of wood and materials.

  • Visuals:

You can check the visuals before the furniture is crafted. The designers mostly show sketches or pictures to the clients to confirm the design. You can even check the 3D design to see how the piece of furniture will look.

  • Custom Hardware:

You will be able to install additional custom hardware in the furniture. You can choose a leather for the couch or metal knobs for the door. You can customize the hardware as well.

  • Eco-friendly:

All the furniture is made from real wood. It is 100% eco-friendly. No chemicals or hazards are used in making furniture.

  • Affordable:

As it is a local company and the cost of procuring wood is less, the price is quite affordable.

  • Aesthetics:

Custom made furniture improves the aesthetics of your house. The intricate designs and patterns are aesthetically beautiful.

  • Support:

You can support the local community by getting the furniture from us. We use local wood and local resources.

Contact Us:

Kindly get in touch with us if you have any queries related to a custom piece of wooden furniture. You can also directly inquire by filling out the subscription form given below. You can contact us at 24 X 7. We are always happy to help you.

We work directly with the clients. We don’t sell any of the products online. You can directly contact us using the information given below.