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Welcome to Get Knobs!

Gone are the days when people used to go with ready-made furniture and doors. Nowadays, custom made furniture is in a trend. The best way to design your house is by using customized furniture, doors, and cabinets.
It not only gives your house a unique style but matches with the theme as well. You can design your own furniture as per your style. People mostly avoid custom made furniture because they are expensive. But now you don’t have to worry about the cost. 
At Get Knobs, you can get 100% custom made furniture at a cost-effective price.


Located in Milledgeville, GA, Get Knobs is a locally owned custom made furniture crafting company. We design and handcraft the most exceptional quality of customized furniture. 
We make all types of custom wood furniture as per our client’s request. We specialize in crafting doors, furniture, cabinets, and other wooden items. 
We work directly with the local tree service and lumber companies to craft the wood. Tree service in Milledgeville GA is a highly requested service due to the vast amounts of beautiful historic wood they produce to craft the finest of custom wood furniture. We have a well-experienced team of talented craftsmen who are trained in crafting customized furniture. We focus on each and every detail while handcrafting the furniture and doors.
For designing every unique piece of furniture, we use quality wood. As our wood is acquired through local sources, we personally check the quality of the wood. 
“Offering Custom Designs & Excellent Quality at an Affordable Price.”

How Do We Do It?

People always wonder how custom made furniture is made of wood. Here, we will show how it is done at getting Knobs.
We follow a completely different process than all the other companies. This is what sets us apart from others.
We will explain to you the process in steps.
Step 1: Client Order
It starts with receiving the order from the client. We not down every little detail provided by the customer. Sometimes we get a photo of the design; other times, it is based on communication.
Step 2: Create Design
In the second step, our creative designers start with the preliminary drawing of the custom made furniture as per the details and pictures provided by the client.
Step 3: Final Design
After we show the preliminary design to the client, some adjustments are made, and the final design is prepared.
Step 4: Get Historic Fine Wood
Once the client approves the design, we start with the process of acquiring the wood. We contact the local tree service and lumber companies to get the wood. We use only local historic fine wood for building furniture.
Step 5: Crafting
This is the process where the magic happens. We have a team of craftsmen and artists who cut, bend, scale, drill, design, and polish the wood with utmost care and love. This process includes
Cutting wooden logs into planks.
Seasoning the wood to obtain texture.
Drawing patterns and designs on the wood with a pencil.
Using a carving tool to carve the designs and patterns in the wood.
Inlaying the crafted furniture for a contrast effect.
Joining the wood pieces to make the furniture.
Coating the wood for a perfect finish.
Step 6: Handover
Once the furniture is made, we hand it over to the clients. We provide furniture delivery as well.

Our Vision:

“To provide 100% custom made furniture at an affordable price by using locally harvested fine historic wood.”

Our Mission:

“To create unique designs of wooden doors, furniture, cabinets and other items by using high quality wood and provide 100% customer satisfaction along with supporting the local community.”

Our Goals:

1. To craft unique pieces of furniture like doors, cabinets, cupboards, beds, chairs, tables, etc.
2. To obtain local wood to support the local lumber companies and tree services.
3. To use only historically beautiful wood for a better quality of furniture.
4. To use well-experienced and talented artisans to get the right design.
5. To work along with the clients to get the perfect idea of the design they want.
6. To keep the clients informed.
7. To sell custom, made furniture directly to the clients.
8. To deliver the furniture within the allocated time span.
9. To complete each project with 100% efficiency.
10. To complete each project on time.
11. To provide after-sales services.
12. To provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Local Commitment:

Reason Behind Using Locally Harvested Wood:
As you know, we use only locally harvested wood to craft the furniture. This is our contribution to support the local community. 

“Giving Back to the Society”
 “We Support the Local Community”
Support Local Companies: 
There are many local lumber companies and tree service companies in Milledgeville, GA. We buy the wood directly from them to support the local companies.
Boost Local Economy: 
It also helps to improve the local economy. As the money goes directly to the local people, the economy boosts.
The local wood in Milledgeville is historical and of fine quality. It helps us to get the best quality of wood.
As we directly deal with the local companies, it is affordable. There are no middleman charges. We get the wood at a cheaper rate, and in turn, we provide an extra bonus to the companies. It is a win-win situation.
When you support the local people, it helps to generate employment. The local workers get employment is lumber companies.

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